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Think i’m going to attempt a fanvid for the first time in like 2 years, this could go horribly wrong and nEVER see the light of day but I really want this to work so fingers crossed!!

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Torchwood cast at Megacon (x)

Anonymous: Hi could you gif the part in Meat with Rhys and the aliens in cardiff bit ? please

Sure thing I’ll do this next :)

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Miracle Day Convention: 13/04/14 - Eve Myles & Gareth David-Lloyd's Q&A Panel (joined by Naoko & Kai).

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Miracle Day Convention: 13/04/14 - Naoko Mori's Q&A Panel (joined by Kai).

Miracle Day Convention: 13/04/14 - Kai Owen’s Q&A Panel (joined by Gareth).

My Miracle Day con photos with the Torchwood cast.

(I think my first Eve one may be like my joint fave photo with her now ehehe, and finally getting a non blurry photo with Gareth 5 years later yay! Also the fact that Dichen dressed up extra beauts specifically for the photoshoots was super cute :3 and pls ignore the uglyness of my last photo, it was all Eve’s idea)